Helpful Student Resources

Helpful Resources for Students

Below are some on-campus and digital resources students may find helpful.  Advisors in the ARC will be happy to make other referrals as well:

Resource Information Webpage
ARC (Advising Resource Center)

advising services for majors in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts (LCA); other Colleges also have centers.


Academic Works

Basic Needs

food bank, crisis fund, health, referrals
Black Unity Center

enhance access, success, retention and graduation for Black students.
Book Loan borrowing texts

Career Services jobs and careers

CARP (Campus Academic Resource Program)

free tutoring and academic support

students clubs in LCA

Counseling & Psychological Services

therapy, support groups
DPRC (Disability Programs and Resource Center

accessibility and reasonable accomodations
Dream Resource Center

support for undocumented students, staff & others
Financial Aid

financial assistance
Food Pantry

produce, bread, etc, for students

Every Monday in Annex 1 from 12:30-3pm

For inquiries:


health services for students
HOPE Crisis Fund funds for emergencies

Learning Assistance Center

tutoring services
Legal Resource Center legal information and referrals

Petition Guidance

petition guidelines and assistance for LCA
Project Rebound

support for the formerly incarcerated to succeed in College

Short Term Loan

information and application for short term loans

Transit Pass

public transportation discounts
UAC (Undergraduate Advising Center)

advising for any major or uneclared students
Veterans Services

veteran beneits & services



ARC staff can be reached at, (415) 338-1486,
or visit us at HUM 112 Monday - Friday 9am-5pm.