Waiver of College Regulations

Waiver of College Regulations Petition can be used for a variety of actions, but it is important that the petitions are consistent with university policies. For example, a change from letter grading to CR/NC grading is supposed to be done by a specific date or to correct clerical errors.

Before submitting the petition for a Dean’s review, make sure that all parts of the petition are completed; that the student, instructor, and Chair have signed; and that an unofficial transcript is attached. A clear rationale that is consistent with university policies is required for approval.

Packets which are otherwise complete, but still needing a Dean’s signature should be submitted to the LCA Dean's Office in Room 251 of the Creative Arts Building. Appointments will not be given for a Dean’s signature; petitions will be processed within a week of being received.

If there are no issues with a petition, it will be acted upon and forwarded to the Registrar. If there is a problem, the student will be informed within a week by email. It is imperative that students write their email address on the petition clearly.

ARC staff can be reached at achieve@sfsu.edu, (415) 338-1486,
or visit us at HUM 112 Monday - Friday 9am-5pm.