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Beginning with Spring 2021 degrees, the Degree Progress Report (DPR) will be the only tool used to evaluate and award degrees. Your advisors, both in the ARC and in your major/minor, are critical in the graduation process. 

Are you on track to graduate?

Go to the registrar’s website for the steps that will help you prepare for the graduation process.

How can the ARC help you graduate?

We are here to answer questions you have about General Education (GE) requirements, issues with your DPR, and making sure you register for the GE courses you need.

What about your Major/Minor?

Meeting with an adviser in your major and/or minor is vital to completing your degree. Your major/minor program will work with you to make sure you are fulfilling the major/minor requirements. Check out your programs advising information and make an appointment with your major/minor advisor today.

What about Transfer Credits?

Check your Transfer Credit Report (TCR).  Your TCR lists your previous college-level coursework and shows how your transfer credit counts at SF State. Courses appear on this report only if SF State has received an unoffiical transcript from the institution where the courses were taken.



ARC staff can be reached at, (415) 338-1486,
or visit us at HUM 112 Monday–Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.