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Many students find an internship to be an important of their educational experience allowing them to apply what they have learned to a setting outside of the university. It also gives them a safe environment to explore various career options.

For example, in recent news: Animation Student Grace Villaroman Lands Pixar Intership!

Several programs within the College of Liberal & Creative Arts offer internship experiences:

Internship Course Taught By Contact Information
ANTH 685 - Projects in Teaching Anthropology Lincoln
BECA 576 - Internship in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Faculty
CINE 692 - Internship Bernardi
CLAS - None None None
COMM 695 - Internship/Service Learning in Communication Studies Mathern
CW 675/875 - Community Projects in Literature Caspers
CWL - None None None
DES 576 - Practical Experience: Internship Faculty
DANC 685 - Projects in the Teaching of Dance Faculty
ENG 698 - Work-Study in Language and Literature Faculty
FLL 599 - Internship in Foreign Languages Faculty
HIST 680 - Archives or Historical Agency Internship Mabalon

HIST 880 - Archives or Historical Agency Internship Mabalon
HUM - None None None
IR 640 - Field Study in International Relations Faculty
IR 892 - Sponsored Graduate Internship in International Relations Faculty

JOUR 617 - Journalism Internship  Azocar
JS 600 - Internship Astren
LCA 576 - Entertainment Industry Media Internship Program Ibrahim
LS 681 - Community Service Learning in the Schools  Keith
MS 681 - Museum Studies Lab Faculty
MS 880 - Museum Internship  Faculty
MUS 608 - Early Field Experience in Music Education  Faculty
PHIL 680 - Field Projects in Health Care, Research Ethics, and Public Policy Silvers
PHIL 680 - Field Projects in Law and Public Policy Salkin
PHIL 681 - Publishing Philosophy  Faculty
PHIL 717 Projects in the Teaching of Faculty
PHIL 718 Teaching Philosophy                                        Wilcox
PHIL 881 Advanced Philosophy Publishing                   Faculty 
PLSI 603/604 - Public Service Internship McDaniel
PLSI 610/611 - Judicial Internship  Carcieri
THA 657 - Practicum in School and Community Drama  Faculty
TPW 695 - Internship inTechnical and Professional Writing  Lindeman
WGS 698/798 - Work Study in Feminist Projects  Faculty


Please Note: Starting Fall 2018, all students getting academic credit for an internship must be interning at a University approved organization.  Please contact your department or internship faculty for more information.

ARC staff can be reached at, (415) 338-1486,
or visit us at HUM 112 Monday–Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.