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Community Service Learning

SFSU offers many courses that involve Community Service Learning (CSL) and the College of Liberal & Creative Arts offers a variety of courses each semester that include CSL experiences.  According to the bulletin: "Community Service Learning (CSL) is the combination of academic study with community service so that each is enhanced by the other." This allows "students to make connections between their classroom education and its appplication to the field."  One can search for such classes by entering the program offering the course and the course number and then selecting "Service Learning" in the course attribue box on the Class Schedule search.  The following courses with service learning are currently posted for the Fall 2018 semester:

Service Learning Course Taught By Contact Information
DANC 399 - University Dance Theater Wendy Diamond, Cathleen McCarthy,
DANC 699 - Independent Study  Ray Tadio
DES 324GW - Research and Writing for Deisgn - GWAR  David Cox
DES 505 - Senior Deisgn Project TBA
DES 575 - Workshop Various Topics, Sections, and Instructors
DES 627 - Advanced Projects in Visual Communication Design Joshua Singer
ENG 114 - First Year Composition Jolie Goorjian or Jerome Schwab (various sections),
ENG 214 - Second Year Written Composition: English Anita Cabrera, Herman Haluza, Amy Love (various sections),,
PHIL 383 - Ethics in Medicine  Anita Silvers
PLSI 463 - The Politics of Immigration in the United States Ron Hayduk
TH A 399 - Jazz/Modern Music Combo Dianthe Spencer
WGS 698/798 - Work Study in Feminist Projects Nan Boyd


For more information on service learning opporunitites, please contact the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) at (415) 338-6419 or visit

ARC staff can be reached at, (415) 338-1486,
or visit us at HUM 112 Monday–Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.